Bitesize Teachings: What a Saviour

Back in the 1960’s, it was very common to buy washing machines and sofas, and other household goods, on hire purchase.  It was for customers to choose what they wanted, to sign an agreement and to keep up weekly payments until all the capital and interest had been paid.  However, the goods were not theirs until the very last penny had been handed over, and if it wasn’t, then the goods would be re-possessed.

Nothing could be more different from the Gospel of Jesus Christ! In the Gospel, we do NOT choose to take Christ as our Saviour, we do NOT have to pay anything for our salvation, and we do NOT have to keep doing things for God, week by by week, in order to make sure our salvation is not forfeited. The Gospel is entirely free by the grace of God and whatever sin or sins we commit in the rest of our lives, the LORD will not change His mind about allowing us into glory.

Why is this? Because Christ did something for us, on our behalf, that only He could do… He kept the Law of Moses absolutely perfectly and without sin of any kind, the very thing the Israelites were supposed to do. Finally of course, He offered Himself up to God to be sacrificed as the innocent paschal Lamb which the Law required, shedding His blood in the process. This blood conciliated and satisfied the wrath of God levelled against us wretched sinners. Theologians call this propitiation. Simultaneously, Christ took all of our sin, while graciously bestowing on us His righteousness, known to theologians as expiation.

God will NOT renege on His promise to save all those Elect whom Christ Jesus died for(Romans 11:29). Look what scripture also says:

‘For by one offering he hath perfected for ever them that are sanctified’
Hebrews 10:14

What a Saviour!